The other day I received a very well written note from a charity. It was not specific to me, but rather a generic letter that most likely went out to all of its donors. It did not ask for more money, nor did it plead for some dire need. Rather it simply said, “thank you.” Yes, it was a thank you letter for giving in the past. It did not highlight all of the work they do, nor did it include a giving envelope. It was refreshingly pleasant to read and memorable in its simplicity and authenticity. No gimmicks. Just thank you. What would happen if more nonprofits just took the time to say thank you for giving? What would happen if more charitable organizations should gratitude without nudging donors for more money? Does this actually work as a psychological fundraising method? I hope it is not being used as such, but rather as for what it only is – an acknowledgement of gratitude. How well do you tell your donors thank you?