Most people do not have the soul capacity for handling financial wealth. Most rich people don’t have the soul capacity for handling their own wealth in a meaningful and significant way. The stories and research abounds on lives wretched by windfalls of great riches. Whether young people in professional sports to rock stars and movies stars to those who win the big lottery, most people do not have the capacity from their soul to handle wealth well. Suicides went up after the decline of 2008 and money problems continues to be one of the top reasons why couples divorce. Even charities to young pastors of large churches do not know how to properly handle large budgets and big money. Sadly, many working in banks to financial firms have not developed their souls to handle the capacity of financial wealth. Money changes everything. And it does not matter if the money is even yours outright – and yes, it will change you too. There most be a reason why Jesus warned so much about money in the Gospels. So how do you build capacity within your own soul to handle such a dangerous gun?