psychology of giving


By |November 25th, 2017|

Money. Money continues to be one of the biggest mental blockers for people today. If only I had more money, then I could do x, y and z, these people think. If only we could raise more money, then we could serve more people within our charity. And then there are those who have more money than they will ever need or could ever give away wisely, primarily because so many charitable organizations have no clue on how to manage such large sums of wealth even for the sole purpose of doing good for society. This is a strange [...]

Rich & Famous vs Poor & Unknown

By |November 22nd, 2017|

It doesn’t matter if you have a star studded power board for your nonprofit. I’ve watched nonprofit boards filled with celebrity members crash and burn. This is nothing bad against those in the public eye, but getting star power isn’t always the best route for nonprofit boards. And it doesn’t matter if you have multi-millionaire or even billionaire donors within your donor pool of financial supporters. I’ve watched extremely wealthy people do more harm to their charities without even realizing it. Just because someone has lots of money doesn’t mean they know how to give wisely or engage [...]

Generous Givers vs Financial Supporters

By |November 21st, 2017|

Is there a real difference between givers and supporters? A generous giver, usually loves to bless others through giving whatever resources they have at hand, which will be a true blessing to the recipient. A supporter tends to be a faithful ongoing financial giver to one particular individual and/or organization. Both are donors in different ways. The generous giver tends to be more spirit led in their giving, whereas the supporter usually has made a conscious decision to give x amount of money monthly or yearly to support someone’s lifestyle as that recipient engages in some kind of missional/charitable [...]

Is there More to Wealth & Charity?

By |November 20th, 2017|

Wealth and charity often seem to go hand-in-hand but in reality the wealthy tend to live in worlds literally removed away from all and any signs of poverty and need. Even if they employee a staff of housekeepers to gardeners and others, a wealthy’s house manager tends to interface between the wealthy and the struggling worker. And it is here where they usually have already signed agreements that they cannot make their personal needs ever known much less tell others whom they work for. So how do the wealthy truly engage with poorer people who maybe truly struggling both [...]

The Big Splash! Donors & Their Dollars

By |November 8th, 2017|

There are all kinds of swimmers just like there are all kinds of donors. Big donors like to make a big splash at the swimming pool, but often their big splash causes your pool to actually lose water; i.e. lose money. And smaller donors often like to play with the water hose at the swimming pool, dripping a little bit of water in with a constant flow. As a charity, which kind of swimming pool person do you want as a donor? Do you want the small but steady giver or do you want the one who shows up [...]

Are You Killing Your Donors?

By |November 7th, 2017|

Donors die. Both literally and figuratively. For those who die literally, you may or may not receive a nice donation from their estate and/or private foundation. For those who die figuratively, then did you do or say something wrong that killed their heart and soul? Did your approach in asking them for money again, just be too much for them to handle? Most likely you’ll never know, because too many who engage the world of charity are charitable in all of their dealings. In other words, they are nice, kind, generous people with character and integrity. They don’t want [...]

Understanding Your Donors

By |November 5th, 2017|

Don’t confuse a donor’s encouragement or excitement for you to receive their money. Now it may seem like a logical conclusion, if an encourager loves the work your charity does, then they will become a faithful donor. This is not necessarily true. Often those who love what you do, will give and will give annually or even monthly. However, some donors will want to wait and see how things go, and sometimes, this takes a few years before they may write any substantial check. Other donors are already too committed financially in helping other charities, so when you stumble [...]

Authentic Donor Relations

By |November 4th, 2017|

Donors are people. People are individuals. Individuals are unique. Therefore, donors are unique. They are not all the same, so therefore, your charity should not treat them all the same. Some want the spotlight while others want to remain in the shadows. Some want to be publically acknowledged while others just prefer a handwritten thank you letter. But even classifying your donors into certain economic giving levels either based on a real giving history or based on your assumptions of their potential capacity to give, no one wants to be lumped together in certain domains. Even if your computer [...]

Donors Turning Their Anger Into Positive Impact

By |November 3rd, 2017|

If you’re a donor, then turn your anger into positive energy as you invest in the future. Too many philanthropists and faithful givers eventually get angry and burn out in some form or fashion. Either their desired outcomes do not come to fruition, or their money is mismanaged by arrogant nonprofit leaders, or maybe they just feel used and abused or not respected as if they will continue to give a charity more and more money year after year. As if the charity has become the entitled, spoiled step-child in their lives. When this occurs, donors get hurt. Their [...]