Dr. Gray Keller writes, speaks and consults on philanthropic leadership as he practices philanthropy as a way of living. Gray Keller advises several nonprofit boards, while traveling the world on behalf of widows, orphans and the extreme poor. He currently presides over the Leader Foundation; and participates in many diverse philanthropic causes from medical missions to constructing homes in the developing world. Gray believes in the power of engaging people at the heart level, then educating at the head level, whereby they are released for empowerment at the hands-on level for a holistic philanthropic leadership approach.

Over the years he has given away millions of dollars to charities throughout Central Florida, America and the world. He understands both the blessings as well as the burdens that donors experience as they participate in giving.

Dr. Keller has degrees in philosophy, theology and leadership, along with a certificate of professional development from the Wharton School. He speaks on philanthropy, servant leadership, and the relational aspects of wealth dynamics on the soul.

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