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Intentional Solutions is a non-traditional think tank, research center and consulting firm specializing in the study of spirituality, leadership, and philanthropy.

We challenge donors to assess their passions, research how they want to invest their monies, and make a personal commitment to their cause.

Our passion and commitment is to motivate the evolution of our present day, inefficient, giving-focused solutions to the world’s problems into a strategic, Philanthropic Leadership model that engages, energizes, and empowers others to live a truly authentic and fulfilling life.

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From the spiritual alignment and global connecting, to philanthropic foresight and leadership capital, Intentional Solutions works to understand the underlying issues surrounding giving in the world today and to offer up an innovative, proven Philanthropic Leadership solution based on research, observation, an understanding.

On your path to becoming a Philanthropic Leader, we guide you toward discovering your unique gifts, sense of purpose, and your true passion. You have more to offer than just your money. Everyone wants your money. We believe you have an even greater gift. Yourself.