Gray Keller believes in the integration of spirituality, leadership and philanthropy in order to create a robust approach to philanthropic leadership. As a donor advocate and donor educator, Dr. Keller understands the importance of giving wisely, strategically and intelligently. Across the philanthropic landscape of America, education abounds on fundraising, donor relations, nonprofit management and board responsibility. However, very little education exists for donors. By engaging donors through education, Keller aims to empower donors to become philanthropic leaders.

Dr. Keller challenges donors and fundraising professionals to think differently, holistically and intentionally to create triple wins for the donor, the fundraiser, and the recipient and/or community at large. With the understanding that money alone does not solve most of the world’s social and philanthropic concerns, it is vital for donors, philanthropists and decision leaders to see positive transformation for human flourishing. These outcomes come about through engaged, educated and empowered philanthropic leaders, rather than the traditional, non-informed and passive check writers. Giving strategically goes beyond tax benefits to a thriving participatory relationship where outcomes are measured both quantitatively and qualitatively. It is time that donors become wiser, savvier, and more sophisticated within their philanthropy.