In Everybody Wants Your Money: Helping You Navigate Through Philanthropy, Dr. Gray Keller has taken everything you need to know about Intentional Giving through Philanthropic Leadership and put it under one cover. Through research, first-hand experience, and observation, Dr. Keller shares examples of successful – and not so successful – giving in a global world.

Coming from a philanthropic “love of humankind” perspective, Dr. Keller shares life principles that include practical advice on sharing, listening, partnership, engagement, and empowerment to valuable hands-on Leadership Exercises.

Everyone Wants Your Money unlocks the secret to your successful and productive giving
through personal assessment tools carefully designed to help you find your passion, articulate your goals,
and how to invest yourself – and not just your money – in philanthropic efforts.

In a world where much of what is given is never received, Everyone Wants Your Money
is a road map to intentional and successful giving.

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